Rehabilitation of street children


Athani is a short-stay home for women in distress, women who have lost the security of their homes, women who have been battered deceived and abused and also women who have tried to escape from sheer poverty. Medical, legal and psychological help is provided to them in addition to the emotional support they so badly need.

"We were abandoned,battered and abused.Hunger and crime surrounded us.
We too want to live like your sisters."

Under the Joint auspicies of the State Legal Service Authority and Abhaya a free legal aid programme for women was started at Athani, on 30.1.2005. The legal aid centre has since been upgraded as Lok Adalath with a sitting Judge of the District Court as Presiding Judge and two other members viz., one Advocate and one Social Worker as members.The Lok Adalath is being held on every second Saturday at Athani,Vanchiyoor.It is a matter of honour and prestige to Abhaya to be associated with the Hon.High Court of Kerala in giving legal aid to women in distress.

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Rehabilitation of street children